3 Unexpected Perks to Having Your Windows Cleaned

Perk #1: Keep Up the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Home (aka. Keeping up with the Jones’)

By having your windows cleaned you help protect the investment of your windows. Leaving dirt or hard water stains on windows could permanently damage the glass and window.

Having to replace a window can cost anywhere from $50 – $300+ per window. Even most small homes have at least 10 windows. Big homes can have upwards of 50+ windows. As you can see if you had to replace all the windows, the expense could add up quickly.

Perk #2: Finding Potential Issues & Damage Early On

Most Homeowners don’t frequently open their windows, let alone clean them. As a result, a lot of things can go unseen and unnoticed for months and even years which could cause more damage in the future.

It’s not uncommon for windows to have broken seals, broken locks, rotting wood, moisture on the seals, mold, and more after the windows have been properly cleaned.

Perk #3 Possible Improved Health

Note: We are not medical Doctors however, it can help in the following areas.

Cleaning your home windows can help reduce allergens by removing dirt and pollen. Not only that, but the rooms look instantly brighter and let the sunshine come in. This can definitely help lift your mood on a stressful day.

Although for some homeowners cleaning the windows can be 100% for vanity, there are also some pretty great additional perks to having your home windows cleaned.