Home Window Hail Damage

With all the recent hail storms, I wanted to let you know about some commonly overlooked damages to your client’s windows and what to do to fix it.

The most common damages to windows are:
 Broken window seals
 Damage to window frames
 Damage to window screens

Broken Window Seals / Frames:
Damage to window seals will cause moisture to build up between the window panes causing the window to look foggy and at times you will even see the water bead up inside the windows

What to look out for:
 Damage to the window frame itself
 Dents in window screens
 Fog appearing inside window & around frames
Water drops inside the window
The finger wipe test (if a window looks foggy, wipe your finger across it and if the dirt doesn’t move, it may be a broken seal)

If you notice any of these signs you will want to contact a glass replacement company ASAP.

Below I have listed the company we recommend for all glass repair needs. They are awesome and will do free estimates. Be sure to ask for Bonnie and tell them Amber sent you.

The Glass Guru of Frisco – (469) 252-3785

I hope this helps and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!